Homemade Charcoal

Sharing is good, and often works out well—esepcially with a pack of markers or a box of pastels. But when you have one charcoal pencil and more than one artist at the table (chomping at the bit for her turn), you have to get creative… and tell them to be good kids and start burning sticks in the house.IMG_2673The kids got small sticks from the yard, lit them at the stove and kept them in the fire for about a minute. Then they cooled for a few minutes.
IMG_2666Enough charcoal was on it to draw a couple of pictures, before needing to be reburned.
IMG_2677A comparison, thanks to one of the young artists:
IMG_2675Then we got charcoal chunks from the fire pit out back. These make thick lines, don’t run out of black, and get your hands wonderfully messy! You can’t go wrong.



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2 responses to “Homemade Charcoal

  1. trojanwalls

    Why couldn’t I have you for my art teacher, M? I would never have felt judged, pressured, untalented. I’m actually pretty sure I would have made a career in art today with you mentoring little me.


  2. Aw, thanks. I’d have loved little you making art messes in my house 😀


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