Fantasy Mapping

Drawing fantasy maps has been one of my favorite projects since I was a teenager. For kids who like to read fantasy and science fiction, it’s fairly common to find great maps at the start of a book. I wanted them to know it’s something they can create, too.

After a brief chat where I showed the kids some hand-drawn maps from books, our local library map, and this Tilden Park map, I made sure they knew anything goes, and set them loose. One traced South America off a wall map, another went My Little Pony inner-castle, and the third created a detailed series of islands that she is still working on days later.Supplies: Large paper, colored pencils, and imagination:


Small classes are great—space for big paper, elbow room, and wow… Even the moms got a chance to draw!



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2 responses to “Fantasy Mapping

  1. Such a great project….just thinking about it makes me dream of the perfect, beautiful spot, with waterfalls, tall trees, an abundance of rivers….would love to map it out!


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