Homeschool Lego Builders’ Show (this weekend)


I’m getting ready for this weekend’s (blessedly) non-competitive, art gallery-style show of homeschool kids’ Lego projects. I’ve organized this event to be relaxed (nobody has to talk about their project unless they want to), easy on the rules (if you’re a homeschooler, you’re in; and if not, you can come to enjoy the sights), and arranged to use our local library’s community room. I’m super excited about this! And I’ve just finished the button pins for the talented, skilled, creative builders, to make it Official 🙂








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2 responses to “Homeschool Lego Builders’ Show (this weekend)

  1. trojanwalls

    Good luck, Maryam. I hope the gallery is as fun and relaxed as you hope.


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