Homeschooling Outdoors: Fire

Some days, being indoors is unbearable, especially for my homeschooled kids, especially in fall, especially when the fire pit is in sight through the window…


We recently took a trip to the Churchville Nature Center for their Lenni Lenape Harvest Celebration, where Chris Egnoto (above) gave lessons on primitive (ie more fun and awesome) fire making.

We’re working on continuing to learn that skill. I’m thinking it’ll take a bit of time. But for now, with the aid of a couple of matches, all homeschooling took place by the fire. With toast.20141028_133136

In fact, fire was on the (ever informal) subject list for the day. Not sure what on earth I’ve been thinking (um, says the red-headed Aries who loves burning stuff), but I can’t remember the last time the kids were solely in charge of fire-building. So today, my son did it all himself. And toast was eaten.

When the toddler woke up, he built it back up with pure determination. Okay, we added some lung-power to help him out as he added sticks and leaves. And next time, my daughter will have her turn to build solo.

It was all easier, being in nature to accomplish our homeschooling tasks. Reading about Lewis and Clark outdoors by the fire made much more sense, and Math Review In The Dirt turned refusal into speedier calculations with a few smiles, even though he’d rather be drawing. The young artists were more relaxed, and I got to smell like woodsmoke, my favorite perfume.




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