Young Artist: Focus on Ponies


My Little Ponies. Yep, I loved them as a child, and my now I have two sons and a daughter who all love them. The figurines are a lot less stinky now, too, so there’s that. Like my daughter, who drew these pictures, when I was young I had an interest in a few typically girly things, like ponies, and a whole lot of things that would be categorized under boyish.

See this smoke? That’s me burning the labels.

Ach, they keep coming back. Curse of the incredible regenerating label. Best we can do is ignore them, I guess.


In between reading battle books about warrior cats, evil wizards, and fantastical monsters, my ten-year-old daughter has been drawing creatures she invented called the Namestealers… and a lot of My Little Ponies. I’ll never tell her she has to pick.

 { Click to enlarge }



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2 responses to “Young Artist: Focus on Ponies

  1. What a great website this is with some great ideas! I love the Lost and Found section and the Public Art for young people is right up my street (literally!). You have inspired me to do some Altered Book art with my daughter this very day!!! Thank you.


    • I’m so glad you’re inspired! I love altered books, and the kids I’ve done it with really love it too. Something wonderfully scandalous about drawing and painting in books 🙂


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