Young Artists Create Freestyle Mandalas



I love mandalas in whatever form they take, however temporary or permanent, colorful, simple, filled with words or My Little Ponies or scribbles. My hunch was right that the young artists would enjoy them, too, and create some beautiful designs. 

I showed them some Tibetan mandalas online, and my freehand samples:

The young artists’ creations:



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2 responses to “Young Artists Create Freestyle Mandalas

  1. What is always so impressive to me is that every project you have done with kids are projects I would love to do as well….even though I’m a grandmother!


  2. Thanks! That’s my goal–to offer the kids projects that aren’t age-specific, that anyone who loves art can enjoy trying. I think they’ve seen nearly all of the elementary-aged art projects that are out there anyway 😉


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