About Maryam: I’m a writer, artist, nature-lover, and homeschooling mom to three amazing people. My kids teach me and I teach them. I draw, quilt, take pictures, paint, stitch paper, write fiction, and glue book pages to my bathroom walls. I love doing art with young people and helping them see the beauty even in perceived mistakes, encouraging them to explore beyond the standard “age appropriate” projects, and enjoy art with high-quality materials usually reserved for adults—though we are not averse to googly eyes!


About Juniper Trail Arts: This blog follows the natural weave of my life: family, nature, art, writing. Raising young artists and nature-lovers, encouraging their creative expression in whatever form it takes, and letting the voices of self-criticism die back to a manageable whisper is at the heart of everything.

About the projects: Young Artist Guild classes are art experiences that encourage individual style, provide open-ended projects, and nurture creative courage. Some projects are offered in workshops held in my home in the Philadelphia area. They are designed for kids with all levels of art skills—from beginners to veterans—with a focus on older children and teens. Younger artists, under six-years-old, who come for classes, take the projects at their own pace and do just fine. Each artist decides what route to go with the materials on hand, and each finished product is wonderfully unique. I feature them here in the hope that they will be adopted for other groups, other families, children as well as adults. More information on hosting an Art Club is found here.

Many projects on this blog are informal, spontaneous art-play, and some are the result of homeschooling opportunities. Others are simply moments where inspiration hit—hit canvas, a pile of stones, or a hole puncher with passion. Art is wherever you are.



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