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Creating Comics


Comic books at Art Club! I had a number of requests for this one–it was time.

To begin, I drew a series of random blank pages with a charcoal pencil, copied a dozen of each and set them out. A long reach stapler like this is handy for bookbinding and strong enough for thick stacks.

The set up—choose your own paper and bind your book:


Commence creativity:

Finished (or  nearly finished) books:

And because it’s fall, a campfire and marshmallows to round things off:



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Art Club ‘Zine: Summer 2014


Art Club has met back-to-school season, but is not giving up! I figured an end-of-summer-vacation ‘zine was in order… Also wanted to be amazed by how many people  around me have never heard of a ‘zine. Ahem.

I love seeing all those hands joining in creatively. Taking turns is not always as great as squeezing in at once. Each child got their own page, signed the “made by” page, and joined in for a collaborative cover. I had the kids collate the pages and staple their own books together. I haven’t made a ‘zine since I was 13, but now I remember why it’s so much fun.  It came out even more awesome than I thought it would 🙂

(Click photos to enlarge.)


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