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Collaborative Art: Children and Mothers


Collaborative Art: Large paper, four kids, and three moms. I love family art.

Not all the moms wanted their own paper, but we all drew. And as we drew, the artwork built on itself, progressing according to what came before. The papers circled around more than once, getting better, goofier, and more colorful each time. They all came out beautifully.








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Collaborative Birthday Art


I’ve been thinking a lot about collaborative artwork for an upcoming class, and planning how to help the kids create with one another—instead of alongside one another. My kids and I have been creating a lot of art together. It’s what we need right now: art and connection. (Also nature and extra love and puppy hugs and campfires and… well, lots of good things!)


It’s amazing how sibling irritations can be eased by a simple rule: “Don’t draw over anyone else’s art.” When there’s only one rule to stick to, everything gets easier. Part of me wishes everything were this easy…

It’s been interesting to revisit the collaborative art that was created on my birthday a year and a half ago (all pictures are from this project). It’s like a snapshot of the gathering of friends and family. But instead of a photo moment, this beautiful thing is something we made together. It was the best gift.


I wanted to have an Art Birthday Party (never too old, I say). So I hosted a potluck, and put out a 15 x 20 inch piece of hot press watercolor paper, and an assortment of pens, paints, stamps, markers and oil pastels. There’s something powerful about looking back on photos, as well as art from times past. My kids had fun this week remembering who drew what on this paper, turning it round and round to figure it all out–there is no “Up” on this art! Things in my life have changed a lot since that birthday, but this colorful treasure remains. I think this coming spring it’ll be time for another round of Birthday Art 🙂





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InkTober and the Kitchen Cart


First there was a great wooden kitchen cart that I found put out to trash in Manayunk.

Then… there was InkTober.


Inspired by Ben Hatke of the Zita the Spacegirl series and Jake Parker of Missile Mouse series? Yep, these kids were game. And at first… at first paper was enough for us.

But the supplies were on the kitchen cart… and they know my feelings about artistic graffiti created in the right situations… Sooo…

It’s been a week and they’re still drawing. The kitchen cart that almost went into a landfill, now has a new life as a work of art.



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Art Club ‘Zine: Summer 2014


Art Club has met back-to-school season, but is not giving up! I figured an end-of-summer-vacation ‘zine was in order… Also wanted to be amazed by how many people  around me have never heard of a ‘zine. Ahem.

I love seeing all those hands joining in creatively. Taking turns is not always as great as squeezing in at once. Each child got their own page, signed the “made by” page, and joined in for a collaborative cover. I had the kids collate the pages and staple their own books together. I haven’t made a ‘zine since I was 13, but now I remember why it’s so much fun.  It came out even more awesome than I thought it would 🙂

(Click photos to enlarge.)


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