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Art as Therapy

Young people have lots of emotion, and sometimes need lots and lots of paper. Thank goodness for art!



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Young Artist: Focus on Ponies


My Little Ponies. Yep, I loved them as a child, and my now I have two sons and a daughter who all love them. The figurines are a lot less stinky now, too, so there’s that. Like my daughter, who drew these pictures, when I was young I had an interest in a few typically girly things, like ponies, and a whole lot of things that would be categorized under boyish.

See this smoke? That’s me burning the labels.

Ach, they keep coming back. Curse of the incredible regenerating label. Best we can do is ignore them, I guess.


In between reading battle books about warrior cats, evil wizards, and fantastical monsters, my ten-year-old daughter has been drawing creatures she invented called the Namestealers… and a lot of My Little Ponies. I’ll never tell her she has to pick.

 { Click to enlarge }


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Nature’s Art: Tree Knot & Tiny Monkeys

20141012_124039I have been recently told that tiny monkeys live in holes such as these, and I am not one to argue with this line of thinking. I can picture them perfectly, can’t you?

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More Dragons, Please

Sometimes—often—our kids are passionate about things we are uninterested in, perplexed or bored by. At times, listening to them closely can explain why they care so much, and give us enough fuel of interest to hold our attention through the monologues of information. If nothing else, we can love their love, be grateful they care a whole lot about something (not everyone does), and help nurture it in whatever way we can.


For instance, my ten-year-old daughter’s dragon love. It has been in her since toddlerhood, since before she could speak in sentences. It began with toys and board books, then drawings, sculptures, paperweights, Lego projects, and now in chapter books.

Yes, honey, I will buy you out-of-print dragon codices. Don’t worry.

And yes, you can make dragon rune graffiti in the garden. I understand.


And I love your love.


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