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Local Art: Homeschool Lego Builders’ Show


My plan to have a relaxed, non-competitive, creative, homeschool Lego builder’s gallery show went off without a hitch! I love when that happens. This was held in our local library’s community room, for a small donation fee of our choosing. (Click to enlarge:)

The ages of builders ranged from toddlers to teenagers. We had some by-the-book builds, some invented from imagination, battle scenes, frozen mermaids, country houses, collaborations between siblings, and several great written descriptions of the projects. It was awesome to see so much variety in projects and how personalities shone through.


There was an open invitation to friends, family, our local homesechool community, and anyone who was interested in dropping by. It was a great crowd, and our builders were identified by their badges.

There was a lot of admiring of fellow builders’ projects, and a distinct absence of competitive distractions. There were some non-homeschool friends who came to see the show. It was nice for the homeschool kids to get to invite their school friends to an event for a change.

The kids are already planning when to do this again. 🙂



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Homeschool Lego Builders’ Show (this weekend)


I’m getting ready for this weekend’s (blessedly) non-competitive, art gallery-style show of homeschool kids’ Lego projects. I’ve organized this event to be relaxed (nobody has to talk about their project unless they want to), easy on the rules (if you’re a homeschooler, you’re in; and if not, you can come to enjoy the sights), and arranged to use our local library’s community room. I’m super excited about this! And I’ve just finished the button pins for the talented, skilled, creative builders, to make it Official 🙂







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